Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Same Old Story.

Ok to update you on the last couple of weeks. Three weeks ago my friends and I and not to 4get my brother formed a band, JJ our drummer is fantstic, our bassist was origionally a second rythm guitarist, however he had no rythm so we persuaded him to play bass which he is actually quite gud at. So I play rythm guitar which is ok and my brother plays lead guitar n he just thinks hes amazing, he is gud but he knows it. After alot of thinking n random word jotting we decided to call ourselves Same Old Story, which abbreviates to S.O.S how clever is that.So we was gonna do this charity gig at the local youth club so we practice really hard like every day for the last three weeks n now coz we cant get a singer we cant do the gig so I feel like all that hard work has gone down the drain.So today i have to tell the senior supervisors of the youthclub that we no longer can do the gig. Oh well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

my first blog